“Caspar provides the most tremendous gift of awakening, perspective, and LIFE. Without his lecture and words of truth, I very likely would be dead.”
— Vera, a Foundation for Living Beauty retreat attendee and survivor of stage 4 breast cancer with lesions in pelvis and spine.

Many Americans suffer from eating related cardio vascular conditions, obesity, IBS, orthorexia nervosa and a wide variety of food allergies and sensitivities.

California, with its innovative and problem solving mindset, is leading the way in finding new treatments to solve these ever more widespread issues.

Caspar Poyck C.Ht. a therapist from Southern California's heart of Mind-Body health: Ojai, has created a revolutionary new approach called Digestive Therapy.

Digestive Therapy focuses on how psychology, spirituality, stress and emotional constitution affect eating behavior and the processing of food due to the affects on out Autonomic Nervous System.

Caspar has developed techniques and methods to approach these health challenges by changing behavior, perception, emotional response and even the dining- and kitchen environments themselves. 

Caspar is a consultant at drug and alcohol treatment centers, is an ambassador to The Foundation for Living Beauty (cancer survivors), leads retreats in the United States, Europe and Costa Rica and works privately with a wide variety of individuals and families. 

Caspar has helped people change their relationship to food and brought them health, vitality and joy.