Francesca Abiana Asumah.

I graduated Teacher Training in Spring 2002 .

I owned two studios in Europe,one in London and the other in Ibiza, Spain. 

I have taught at several Teacher Trainings in Los Angeles and Hawaii for the Bikram Yoga College of India.

I came to live in America in 2005 and worked and practiced at Bikram Yoga HQ for six years alongside Emmy Cleaves , who I consider to be my most treasured mentor.

Over time I became very interested in the ancient more spiritual aspects of teaching the 26+2 . 

This spiritual , magical side of the practice has become my main focus as I came to understand that doing this Yoga is an expression of Love towards ones own Heart . 

A Sacred pathway to Enlightenment, to Samadhi. 

One Heart. One Love. Jah Rastafari.